The bassa friulana area has got a ground rich of clay with some sandy parts and a good climate condition which make its soilssuitable to wine growing. This is of a great importance for a farm run by a family which produces every year 300 hectolitres of wine from its 4 hectares of wine and its owns 14 hectares of land as well.
The farm owner makes a strict choice of the best grapes which must be good and ripe when it is the time of grape harvest.
There is also a very modern and well equipped cellar where all grapes are immediately and genty pressed and their fermentation is strictly checked by modern technological systems in order to make a genuine wine.
You are welcome to visit the farmhouse cellar to taste the flavor of all wines produced and to spend your free time sitting inside the farmhouse or in the house courtyard.
Beans soup, pasta with “salami ragù”, gnocchi with speck and rocket, cotechino with polenta, salami spiced with garlic and smashed potatoes, are some of the dishes the farmhouse Ballaminut can cook for their guests. After a meal you can taste the genuine eau-de-vie which has got a strong flavor typical of this land.




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