The farmhause holiday Ballaminut is locaded in a nice rural village called “San Martino”, in the Bassa Friulana area which is a land of culture and of a long tradition for its famous autochthonous wines such as the Refosco or the Friulano one.
The farmhause holiday is close to very famous tourist places such as Aquileia (a Roman site), Grado (a seaside resort) and Palmanova (the star shaped town). Furthermore, the last week of October you can enjoy the medioeval atmosphere of our local Pumpkin fair.
Near the farmhouse, after a short walking you can visit the small church of San Martino, which is considerate a small but unique artistic site. This church was given by Patriarca Popone to the Sisters of S. Maria’s Monastery. Inside the church there are some interesting frescoes showing some overlaps of the barbaric time from ‘300 to ‘500 A.D.
Our farmhouse is a good place to discover this historical land where Romans left their power or the taste our typical dishes and to enjoy a good relax. Art, culture and a good taste meet each other in a wonderful landscape.
The Ballaminut family give you a warm welcome and good hospitality.







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